healthcare exhibition

The  creation of the Accord-sophro:

This application is dedicated to all of the people who are looking for  well-being and who want to know or improve their right to happiness.  Accord Sophro has been created in order to promote the use of Sophrology.

For this project, I have merged my IT knowledge with my Exeprtise as a Sophrology Practioner ,  certified by RNCP by SFS,  to create an application that makes sophrology and its benefits accessible to as many people as possible.

People who have participated in this project:

Michelle : writing services and ideas. François : corrections. Patricia : Dancing Master, responsible for the editing/publishing. Laure : graphic desginer and artist. Michelle : graphical assistant.  Sylvain, Hugo, Matt, Cédric, Loïc, Sébastien,  Karam : IT development, back, front, web. Victor, Julien : System administrators. Kristin, Andre : Translator, Jean-Paul : advice and trial team. Gilles : stage director.  Gérard, Patricia : photos and camera man. Sephora, Christophe and the others : Community manager. Karam : SEO Expert. Marketing and market research team.  Mathilde, Grégoire, Mehdi : sound engineers and studio manager of studio recording. André, Kristin : translators and teacher in English.  Marie-Sophie : lawyer. Yves : psychiatrist and doctor of psychology ….