Link between sophrology and epigenetics

Link between sophrology and epigenetic

Sophrology and epigenetics are closely linked because they modify the expression of our genes. This is one of the explanations for the incredible effectiveness of sophrology. Biologists have discovered that the environment and stress can modify the expression of our genes. From degree 7 and 8 we work on our cells in order to modify their behaviour.

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What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the science that studies the mechanisms that modify the function of genes by turning them on or off, without the DNA sequence itself being modified or altered. This is called gene “expression”.

Since the beginning of the practice of sophrology, sophrologists have noted that it improves people’s immunity and even changes them physically.

In 2010, researchers confirmed that gene expression, i.e. the way our genes behave, can change depending on our environment and our mental and physical state.

Research into epigenetics has led to a better understanding of why sophrology is so effective.

How does it work? The genes of our cells are modified

DNA RNA protein transcript cellule

Our immune system is able to generate proteins based on our DNA:

Our chromosomes can request to create a protein in order to provide an immune response to our body. The chromosome will create (or transcribe) an mRNA message to create a protein by activating certain genes in our cells (see diagram above).

To date, no tests on man-made mRNAs have been performed. The language written in our genes is largely incomprehensible to researchers.

We have more cells in our bodies than stars in the universe. Each cell knows what to do and our consciousness is able to request the activation of certain genes in certain places in our body.
Our body is an extraordinary system, it must be maintained and preserved.

Relationship between sophrology and epigenetics:

Biologists have noticed epigenetic changes according to stress.
Example: People were removed from their habitat to exploit their forest, this caused stress. It was found that their cortisol-suppressing genes were “blocked”, i.e. no longer activated. Researchers have shown that the level of cortisol in the blood is directly related to the functioning of our genes.

We can conclude that the environment and our lifestyle have an immediate influence on the behaviour (or expression) of our genes.

Another example is rats, where it has been shown that a pampered rat is a happy rat and this changes the behaviour of their genes.

There are endocrine disruptors, which are chemicals that ‘trick‘ our bodies into passing on the wrong information or blocking information to our genes. So they too have an influence on our behaviour.

How is epigenetics used in sophrology?

Sophrology is the harmony of body and mind. It is a mind-body activity, we work closely with our body and our mind.

For a long time medicine separated the body and the mind. Professor Caycedo, a neuro-psychiatrist, who launched sophrology, took more than 10 years to recognise that the mind is linked to the body and that the body is linked to the mind. He was very intuitive as he developed exercises that activate genes in our cells, which are now called epigenetics. For example, playing sports or doing physical activity will change our state of mind at the same time as our body. Have you ever noticed that a person’s mood shows on their body or face? Try jumping up and down while cowering inwardly…it’s impossible.

When our mind goes wrong, our body and cells go wrong and vice versa.
One of the basic principles of sophrology is that all positive actions have repercussions in the whole body.
So we can change the expression of our genes and disturb or block them with negative thoughts but we can also activate them and repair ourselves with positive thoughts.

DNA, Ontogenesis sophrology epigenetics

Ontogenesis and sophrology :

In sophrology, from degree 7 we work on the cells. In degree 8, we approach ontogenesis, that is the genesis of the being. This corresponds to our development, from our conception (fertilisation) to the end of life.

Sophrology exercises influence our body in a conscious way. Epigenetics gives a rational explanation for this possibility. Just like stress, we ourselves are able to send negative messages to our cells. With the exercises of degree 7 and 8 we send positive messages to our cells. In degree 9 we work on the molecular level.
It is up to you to give your body positive epigenetics by practicing sophrology.
Make sessions with Accord-Sophro to discover yourself.


“Epigenetics reinforces sophrology by proving that it is effective in acting at the deepest level of our being, to the point of modifying our molecules.” Christophe Meyer, Expert sophrologist, author, speaker.

Other quotes:

“It is not possible to think that cells are indifferent to our human consciousness since they work for our existence…
Moreover they destroy themselves in the negative stress of being… What they do in one direction, they can do in the other.
Dr Patrick André Chéné: Sophrologist, author

“Everything that disturbs or pollutes us will impact our genes”: Dr Christian Vélo, Doctor in biology, lecturer in molecular genetics.

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