Sophrology application Accord-Sophro, a sophrologist at any time with you

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With the Accord-Sophro Sophrology application, your nights will be peaceful, your days stress-free and you will reduce your pain. A web and mobile sophrology application to do sessions at any time at home. You will be introduced to sophrology. Discover who you are with this sophro app.

With this sophrology app, your nights will be peaceful, your days stress-free.

How do you feel? How would you like to be tomorrow?

You feel tired, depressed, without any impetus to work, a lack of recognition, why not do some sophrology with Accord-Sophro?
The longer you delay taking charge of yourself, the more difficult and time-consuming it will be to feel fulfilled. What a waste of time to be happy!

These exercises proposed in the application of sophrology are used in the hospital, see the article on “Sophrology in the hospital” with the management of the pain. Psychologists and sophrologists participated in the realization of the part advice of the application. Christophe Meyer, certified expert-sophrologist, carried out the sessions of sophrology.

With very gentle physical exercises, you become aware of each part of your body to relax. You will feel full of energy and more and more alive after these exercises.
Imagine in the morning when you get up, you do a few minutes session with the sophro app Accord-Sophro. You take pleasure in having your breakfast. You go to work with a smile and perfectly relaxed. The people you meet smile at you too. Your relationships with your colleagues are increasingly serene.

The more you practice the sessions, the more your self-esteem increases. This confidence has a positive impact on your daily life.

10 minutes to happiness with this sophrology app

You won’t change everything at once, but in one session you will get to know yourself better. It’s not as hard as you think, thousands of people use the app and are satisfied with it.

You think you don’t have time to do a Sophrology session? Yet 10 minutes a day is enough to achieve your happiness, as simple as going to drink your coffee. But what benefits in the long run.

The Sophrology app offers free sessions

You can immediately start the free basic sessions without obligation to free yourself from your tensions. You will find video and audio sessions to help you manage your stress and improve your sleep.