Comment gérer son stress chez soi ou au travail ?

how manage stress

Definition of stress, its causes and how to manage stress? What modern means are available? Resulting from research in neuropsychiatry, sophrology helps you to manage your anxiety. With the sophrology application Accord-Sophro, you will know how to do it.

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Definition of stress and its symptoms :

Stress is the disease of the century.

The word stress comes from the Latin “Stringere”: to squeeze, to tighten

Stress can be caused by increasing stress or pressure or by a feeling of lack of control or adaptation.

Professor Hans Selye, the father of stress research, describes 3 phases of stress:

1st alarm phase: survival reaction.

2nd phase of resistance: biological response that allows the ordeal to be endured over time

3rd phase of exhaustion: the capacity to adapt is exceeded, this is the burn-out.

Stress is thus defined as involving hormones from the adrenal glands. When you are exposed to a harmful agent you secrete adrenaline and noradrenaline, which is called “homone of aggression”. It prepares your body for aggression: usually attack or flight.

This can be seen as positive because it could save your life as long as it doesn’t last. So adrenaline gives you energy and speeds up your heart so you can react accordingly.

But how often do you come face to face with a dangerous animal like in prehistoric times?

Today in our modern societies we have the same stress reactions but often to an invisible enemy.

But what happens when you can neither flee nor attack? How do you manage your stress?

You go into the second phase, of resistance, the anguish sets in, the stress, the anxiety because you are in a situation that you consider unmanageable, the stress becomes chronic. You enter the third phase, exhaustion, illness and nervous symptoms set in.

The multiple causes of stress and its triggers:

Physical stressors: Illness, cancer, infection, fatigue, sports competitions, pollution, odours, noise and psychological stressors: Changes (moving, divorce, work organisation), cultural uprooting, remorse, hatred, anger, envy, moral harassment, bad atmosphere, bad family or work relationship.

Note that no two people will have the same perception of a stressor and will be more or less affected. Acquiring good reflexes and a good state of mind allows you to better resist or even ignore certain stress triggers. You can refer to my sophrology book “Towards well-being with Accord-Sophro” to learn more.

Some more or less toxic products taken too often (alcohol, tobacco, anxiolytic) often make the person dependent and finally maintain the stress. In the Accord-Sophro sophrology application, you will find a questionnaire to evaluate your level of addiction.

how manage stress and anxiety

how manage stress and anxiety

How to manage stress easily with sophrology?

Sophrology allows you to manage your stress because it proposes exercises to suppress too strong sensations. It teaches to refocus. The exercises of sophrology in particular of degree 1 based primarily on body sessions make it possible to practise exercises of dynamic relaxation. To better feel its body makes it possible to reassure its mind, it is a way of existing.

The sophrology app Accord-Sophro allows you to do sessions on the theme of how to manage stress. You will find for example more classical exercises such as SDN: Sophro displacement of the negative which uses the muscular tensions to relax your body and expel the negative tensions. Exercises that allow you to increase your self-esteem in order to remain serene in all situations.

The IRTER breathing technique with deep, calming breaths, soothes the nervous system and helps to regulate negative emotions. The IRTER breathing technique can be found in the introductory sessions of the sophrology app. You will find in the free basic sessions all the explanations to be effective.

The second level is more oriented towards contemplation and will allow you to distance yourself from events.

It is interesting to be able to create your own “bubble”, in particular with the “enveloping consciousness” exercise that you will find in the self-confidence section.

And why not learn the basics with the “anti-stress gesture” exercise, also called “signal gesture”. You can also use the anti-stress ball as it is used in playful sophrology. A very good way to learn how to manage stress

If you are trying to find sleep because you feel too stressed, you can do the “Schultz autogenic training”.

Just 10 minutes of sophrology a day is enough to bring about profound changes.

Reduce stress by practising sophrology on a daily basis with Accord-sophro

With regular practice, sophrology will allow you to improve your abilities to better face difficulties and stress. How to manage stress will no longer be a secret for you.

The accord-sophro appli accompanies you during your daily sessions. Thanks to it, you can practice sophrology anywhere and at any time of the day. It has been designed to respect the different steps that you carry out in a sophrology practice. You will find a questionnaire to evaluate yourself. After the session, it is important to note down what you felt.

The best thing is to practice regularly. Now you know the solution to manage your stress, so create your free account and enjoy the relaxation!