comment lutter contre le stress

Definition of stress :

Stress has been recognized as the disease of the century.

The word stress comes from the Latin word « stringere » : tight, to tighten

Stress can be due to an increase in responsibilities, or pressures, a feeling of loss of control or an inability to adapt to new challenges.

Prominent researcher Professor Hans Selye defines Stress in three phases :

The alarm phase : survival response

The resistance phase : the biological response which allows us to cope with adversity over time

Exhaustion stage : the ability to adapt fails, and burn-out occurs.


Sophrology  and stress :

The practice of Sophrology offers different techniques that allow you to handle stress. It allows you to refocus on priorities. The sophrology techniques, even in its most basic forms are mostly built around on body activities that enable you to relax, get in touch with your body and strengthen your mind.

Breathing exercises soothe the nervous system and help to strengthen your voice, reducing shyness.  This can help disrupt and alleviate negative feelings.