How to fall asleep and sleep peacefully

How to fall asleep and sleep peacefully

With the sophrology app you will learn to find sleep. You make effective sessions with for example the Sophro-Schultz. With the sessions of the topic “sleep” you will know how to keep the spirit calm and serene to fall asleep easily.

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Sleep is vital for a healthy life:

Our sleeping habits have evolved over time and today people go to bed later than ever.  The number of hours vary depending on your age, but on average we need 8 hours of sleep.

Do you have a sleep disorder and don’t know how to get to sleep?

You are not the only person in this situation: Every day, one in five adults suffers from chronic sleep deprivation (SOFRES study) and 75% suffer from a sleep disorder. Insomnia affects adolescents, adults and the elderly. As we age, finding sleep can become even more difficult.

It is important to develop good sleep habits when you are young, as this can pay off later in life.

As C.G. Jung said, dreams are part of the development of the personality.

The negative effects of insomnia:

Have you ever heard someone say that they only need six hours of sleep?

Some people try to put a positive spin on a negative situation, but this attitude towards insomnia will be bad for your health in the long run, as it leads to fatigue.

Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, which makes you more likely to get sick easily and leads to concentration problems.

Have you noticed that you often forget things when you are tired? This memory loss is often due to general fatigue. It has been proven that the duration of REM sleep is important for regenerating your memory. If this sleep is missing, it may indicate the onset of Alhzeimer’s disease. REM sleep was discovered by the neurobiologist Michel Jouvet, who found that this phase was essential for keeping our memories. Subsequent studies have shown that he was right.

The three states of alertness:
The waking state:

This is the state you are in two-thirds of the time. you have:

Active wakefulness:

Our brain is alert, brain activity is rapid. In this period it will be difficult to fall asleep

A passive awakening or wakefulness:

Our movements are slower, we want to relax. You are in Alpha mode, this mode is used in sophrology when you are in the so-called sophroliminal mode.

In this mode you will be more perceptive in your feelings, for more information you can read my book of sophrology “towards a well-being with Accord-Sorphro”.

Then you go into slow wave sleep or classic sleep:

You have different stages:

Stage 1: falling asleep

You are almost asleep, very close to sleep, it is called in sophrology “low sopholiminal”.

Stage 2: a light sleep

You are in light sleep for about 4 hours. A medium noise can wake you up easily.

Stage 3 and 4: a very deep sleep

This is a deep sleep, lasting about 2 hours per night. The immobility is almost total and the eyes are immobile.

REM sleep

This is also called dream sleep, it represents 20 to 25% of the total sleep or 2 hours per night. The body falls asleep, the eyes move. This sleep is very important because, as previously mentioned, it fixes the memory.

The main pathologies and types of insomnia:


chronic insomnia,

Difficulty going to bed.

Difficulty falling asleep.

Difficulty staying asleep.

Those who wake up several times during the night.

Those who wake up too early in the morning.

In the sophrology app “accord-sophro” you can evaluate your sleep quality in the advice section. Thus you can follow your progress.

Cause of sleep loss:

Those who suffer from sleep apnea often have insomnia. When the sleep apnea is not due to a physical problem, sophrology allows in few sessions to find a more serene sleep and thus to decrease the apneas.

Restless legs syndrome: nervousness, impatience in the legs during the day, unpleasant sensation in the legs at bedtime…

It is important to respect the bedtime and wake-up time. In the application, you will find a session to help you become aware of when you are going to sleep and thus improve this important phase. See the session “preparation for sleep” in the “sleep” theme of the sophrology application.

Discover below how to find sleep.

improve sleep

Reconciling with sleep thanks to sophrology:

Sophrology will allow a relaxation of body and mental tensions.

The intensity of the cerebral activity is manifested by the frequency of measurable waves.

There are five cerebral waves:

Delta waves: deep sleep waves.

Theta waves: deep relaxation waves.

Alpha waves: waves of light relaxation.

Beta waves: waves of current activity.

Gamma waves: which indicate a very high level of brain activity.

Sophrology allows us to reach a state between wakefulness and sleep called “sophroliminal“.

It is the Alpha waves which are emitted. Basic Sophrology, sometimes called body reading, and Schultz’s Autogenic Training are good training for managing insomnia.

You can test Sophrology against insomnia by practising the sessions of the “sleep” theme of the appl. In particular the sessions of Autogenic training of Schultz and sophro-schultz.

You can start sophro free with the app and do not wait until it is too late to act for the good of your health.

Dynamic relaxation exercises:

Learning to relax the muscles in every part of your body from head to toe can help you calm down and prepare you for a better night’s sleep, but what to do?

Go to bed when you feel sleep coming on, because if you skip this time, it will be harder to fall asleep.  Use breathing exercises to relax, you can practice breathing exercises with Accord-Sophro sophrology app.

Training autogen of Schultz

Training autogen of Schultz

Sophrology is an effective solution but requires effort:

Sophrology, based on the human sciences of phenomenology, aims to relax you with sessions called dynamic relaxation.

But sophrology goes much further than simple relaxation: by regularly practising sophrology sessions you will discover what is going on inside you and thus be able to understand what is happening inside you. You will be able to regain some distance with the events.

In order to understand what path to follow to achieve well-being, I recommend my book “Towards well-being with Accord-Sophro” written by Christophe Meyer, expert sophrologist.

It will allow you to better understand why sophrology is so effective and so practiced.

You don’t have to be a champion to benefit from the advantages of sophrology. As Yohanne Diniz says, don’t wait until you’re “burnt out” to take action for your health. Sophrology has a preventive and curative aspect, but when you are concerned about your health once you are ill, it will be very difficult to recover.

It is possible to do your sessions with the sophrology app Accord-sophro. You do not need to move to practice the sessions. You have all the necessary assistance from expert sophrologists to help you find sleep.

Conclusion: the importance of sleeping well

Sleeping is not a waste of time, it is your own time where your body regenerates, you should not deprive yourself of this pleasure.