comment retrouver le sommeil

Improving ones sleep

Sleep is vital for a healthy life.

Our sleeping habits have evolved over time and today people go to bed later than ever.  The number of hours vary depending on your age, but on average we need 8 hours of sleep.

The sleep cycle :

Slow deep sleep  : This is the phase in which our muscles relax and our breathing slows down. This is when we recover from physical exertion.

Paradoxical sleep : This is when our muscles are completely relaxed and when dreams occur.  This is the moment when we recover on a psychological level.

The sleep cycle evolves as we age.

The main sleep pathologies:


Difficulties going to bed

Difficulties falling asleep

Difficulties staying asleep

Waking up numerous times per night

Waking up too early in the morning

Come to terms with your sleep thanks to sophrology :

Sophrology will enable you to let go of physical and mental tension.

Mental activity can be seen and measured in frequency waves.

There are five different wave patterns :

Delta waves : deep sleep waves

Thêta waves : deep relaxation waves

Alpha waves : light relaxation waves

Beta waves : Current activity waves


Gamma waves : indicates high cerebral activity

Sophrology also helps us through relaxation to reach a state called « sophro-liminal » which is a state of modified consciousness.  It is in this state that Alpha waves are emitted. Basic Sophrology and the Autogène de Shultz training are good methods to handle insomnia.

Sleeping is not lost time, it is when your body heals and regenerates. You must not deny your body of this moment.