Confiance en soi avec photo d'une mère qui protège ses petits

As of a very young age, our need of love and security is going to influence our self-confidence.  The more love and security that parents have given a child, the more self-confident the child will be as an adult.

Sophrology, thanks to its exercises will increase your self-confidence.

Thanks to these exercises you learn to connect to your body and emotions, which allow you to recognize your place in the world. In this way you will develop your proper capacities and to assert yourself.

In order to develop confidence you must:

– Take time for yourself

– Learn how to overcome your anxiety

– To be yourself and free yourself from how others see you

Developing self-confidence is :

To be in agreement with yourself in order to make your own choices

To be in agreement with yourself inspires confidence as there is a coherence between what you say and what you are.

The six pillars of self-esteem :

– Self-actualized acceptance

– Assertiveness

– The ability to overcome failure, frustrations and loss

– The ability to believe in the future.


self confidence

sophorology reinforces your self confidence