Self-confidence and sophrology. How to increase your self-confidence to live better and succeed.

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You will understand what self-confidence is, how to acquire it or improve it. Sophrology is a daily practice to achieve greater confidence.

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Definition of self-confidence:

It is the judgement that we have of ourselves and that we carry of ourselves.

But we shall see that it is above all linked to self-love and, by the same token, to the love we have for others.

Where does it come from?

As of a very young age, our need of love and security is going to influence our self-confidence.  The more love and security that parents have given a child, the more self-confident the child will be as an adult.

Sophrology, thanks to its exercises will increase your self-confidence.

Thanks to these exercises you learn to connect to your body and emotions, which allow you to recognize your place in the world. In this way you will develop your proper capacities and to assert yourself.

How to develop self-confidence?

In order to develop confidence you must:

– Take time for yourself

– Learn how to overcome your anxiety

– To be yourself and free yourself from how others see you

Developing self-confidence is :

To be in agreement with yourself in order to make your own choices

To be in agreement with yourself inspires confidence as there is a coherence between what you say and what you are.

The six pillars of self-esteem:

– Self-actualized acceptance

– Assertiveness

– The ability to overcome failure, frustrations and loss

– The ability to believe in the future.

What does being more confident bring?

Self-confidence is the key to happiness, to being able to be yourself, it is the key to freedom. It allows you to assert yourself whatever the situations you encounter in your life. You will better resist failures, frustrations and losses. You will be able to believe in your future. Having confidence in yourself will help you to make the right decisions for your future and to blossom.

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Sophrology, a life discipline:

Self-confidence and sophrology: the more you practice sessions, the more you become confident in you.  Sophrology allows you to be yourself without needing the eyes of others. You get to know yourself better and thus solve unresolved obstacles.

It is also a discipline of life, you will find in my book of sophrology “Towards a well-being with Accord-Sophro” how to have a hygiene of life in order to find a better well-being. For example, you will understand that with sophrology you can better understand who you are. It gives you a strength that will increase your inner confidence, allows you to manage stress and thus understand what you feel and experience.

How to find self-esteem with the sophrology app?

With sophrology, you will become aware of your capacity to exist thanks to the alliance of the body and the spirit. Your self-esteem will become greater and greater and you will be able to fully appreciate life.

You will regain your life momentum to allow you to be creative and to be in tune with yourself. Karl Rogers spoke of congruence: it is about being in agreement about what you do and who you are. From the moment you are coherent, you are in harmony with yourself and you regain self-confidence because you no longer need the eyes of others.

Thanks to the sophrology exercises in the appl, you will be able to feel your body and your emotions, which will make you aware of your place in the world. Thus you develop your own capacities, you assert yourself. This way you become aware of your body schema which is your inner experience.

Increase your self-esteem with exercises:

Sophrology sessions involve your body and your mind, which are an indivisible whole. Each sensory experience, each feeling influences the biochemical responses of the brain. You focus your action on sensory mobilisation in order to regain your body confidence. This self-awareness will boost your personal resources.

The sophrology application and the “self-confidence” sessions:

You will find in the sophrology application exercises of vibration by the sound, relaxation, tension-relaxation, breathing. You will find the exercise of the hara which allows you to improve your stability, you will feel more solid in the standing posture. You become aware of your balance in the standing posture.

You also have the “walk on the spot” exercise. This exercise allows you to feel proud and confident and you walk with your head up!

When you lack confidence you often need to learn how to manage your stress, you will find exercises on stress management.

These sessions will help you find harmony of body and mind and will make you autonomous.