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Complete an exercise

How is a session structured ? It’s structured by several steps  : A pre-sophronique dialogue : That is, a dialogue with the participant (sophronisant) for the purpose of getting to know him better, defining his objectives… The session is conducted standing or sitting ; It starts with relaxing the muscles which will open up the possibility […]



Sophrology and psychology Sophrology was founded in 1960 by the neuropsychiatrist and professor, Alfonso Caycedo. He met Binswanger, the father of psychatrical phenomenology, and grandfather of sophrology, when he was in Switzerland, and after that meeting his view on mental illness changed. He decided to make « existential phenomenology » more mainstream in order to render it […]

Self confidence

As of a very young age, our need of love and security is going to influence our self-confidence.  The more love and security that parents have given a child, the more self-confident the child will be as an adult. Sophrology, thanks to its exercises will increase your self-confidence. Thanks to these exercises you learn to […]

Sophrology at the hospital

Sophrology as a complementary therapy : Sophrology More and more hospitals work with sophrologists to relieve pain in patients. Sophrology is helpful to those who suffer from chronic pain in their backs, nerves and due to illness. An example : At the Dieppe hospital center sophrology is offered to patients suffering for more than three […]

How to sleep?

Improving ones sleep Sleep is vital for a healthy life. Our sleeping habits have evolved over time and today people go to bed later than ever.  The number of hours vary depending on your age, but on average we need 8 hours of sleep. The sleep cycle : Slow deep sleep  : This is the […]